Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sparta verses Athens

Students will compare and contrast the military life of Sparta to the academic life in Athens. Students will decide if it is better to be smart or strong in a society. They will study the philosophies of both cities and how successful each city was at that time period.

Essential Question --Is it good to be different?

Unit Questions--

1. Why is it important to be smart?

2. Why is a strong body good for protection?

3. Is a strong army better that a smart army?

Content Questions

1. What did Athenian teachers’ stress in their schools?

2. How were the young boys trained in the military in Sparta?

3. Why were the arts important to the Athenians?


  1. Essential question looks good to me.

    Unit questions are good for comparing the forces.

    Content questions looks good to me.

  2. Good EQ.
    Unit question- Maybe say "what are the advantages of having a strong body?" Saying "for protection" makes it too specific. That would be a content quest. I like the compare strong vs smart army, as long as the question isn't biased in how it is asked.
    Content quest- You've got a good start. I think you could do more like comparing each aspect. Be careful it doesn't turn into a list of knowledge questions like repeat the facts back to the teacher. Application of the facts. Looking at the 2 from a different point of view.

  3. This looks like this should be a good unit. Another idea along a different path for an essential question might be "Who's the best?" To follow along on Janet's thoughts, maybe another idea for the unit question might be "What is strength?" or "Is stronger always better?"